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INEC online PVC registration Portal 2023/2024 – INEC online PVC registration 2023 commenced. The Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has an online registration platform for Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs). The INEC online PVC registration portal’s website is

INEC Online PVC Registration Portal 2023

Candidates may use the INEC online PVC registration portal to verify their voter registration status, find their polling location, and register to vote. Filling out an online form containing personal information such as name, date of birth, and address is required for INEC online registration. Candidates will also be required to provide a current passport-sized image.

The PVC is the official voter identity card provided by INEC to Nigerian citizens aged 18 years and up who have registered to vote. To vote in Nigerian elections, you must have a PVC. To complete the registration procedure, candidates must visit an INEC office in person to verify their identification and supply biometric data such as fingerprints. The PVC will then be mailed to the address provided during the online registration process.

Sometimes, the PVC is always made available at different INEC polling units ready for collection by citizens candidates who registered for it online which we know is sometimes frustrating because of the queues as many citizens will show up to get their PVC by all means.

As the deadline for collection of PVC draws near and the fixed date for the general elections 25th February, 2023 coming close INEC has published severally both on their different social media pages, and official websites that citizens who registered for their PVC should make themselves present at the INEC offices close to their vicinity where they did their INEC registration.

INEC Online PVC Registration Portal 2023

The INEC online PVC registration 2023 commenced long ago and with the situation at hand, the INEC general elections for 2023 has been announced to hold on 25th January, 2023.

Here, to successfully do the INEC online PVC registration 2023 at the INEC online PVC registration portal Citizens are strongly advised to visit the INEC online PVC registration portal, supply all the necessary and required details, ranging from:

  • Birth name
  • Date of birth
  • Home permanent address
  • NIN (National Identity Number) found on the NIN slip or National ID Card.
  • Passport sized photographs

To successfully complete the INEC online PVC registration process, the citizens are told to visit a designated INEC office for biometric registration and verification.

INEC Online Login Portal

The INEC online login portal is used by citizens of Nigeria who have the intentions to vote using their PVC to register for their PVC. Mostly according to the Nigeiran law, citizens below the age of 18 years are not allowed to exercise any voting rights so, those below 18 years will not register for the INEC online PVC.

Those who are 18 years and above in the year they wish to do their INEC online PVC registration are deem qualified and suitable to be present at various INEC offices to register and do their biometric (thumbprinting) registration and verification.

Also, in cases where the PVC is misplaced, citizens are advised to visit INEC office to get a replacement, and before the replacement is given, biometric (thumb printing) verification will be done and details gotten for confirmation to avoid PVC gotten by proxy and used for illegality.

INEC Online PVC  Registration Closing Date

The closing date for the INEC online PVC registration has not been fully fixed because of the citizens who registered late and the closing date will be few days to the general elections date 25th February, 2023

FAQs On INEC PVC Registration

What is the official portal for registering for PVC?

The office portal for the INEC online PVC registration is

Can one get a new PVC ?

Yes, you can only get a new PVC based on the grounds of loss, destruction of the old one which is always advisable to report at the INEC office nearest to you when such cases arise. But before new PVC is issued, biometric verification will be done to make sure the PVC is to be collected by the owner.

Can I get the PVC for someone?

INEC doesn’t allow collection of PVC by proxy. So each citizens are required to get only their PVCs and can accompany anyone to the INEC office too get theirs incases of someone with ill-health.

Is the portal safe?

The INEC online portal is very safe because this has been the portal used for a long time by INEC to carry out PVC registration. All the details provided is safe with INEC.

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