NDLEA Training Date 2023/2024 Venue & Requirements

NDLEA Training Date 2023 is out. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency training date 2023/2024 is usually announced to the general public weeks after the NDLEA Shortlisted candidates PDF list is released. More details regarding the 2023 recruitment training date.

The NDLEA training exercise will only be attended by Shortlisted candidates who are sure their names appeared on the NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates PDF List. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Venue is located across the nation and is where the training exercises take place.

This training exercise is very essential in the NDLEA Recruitment process because candidates who excel in this part of the recruitment process end up being recruited as NDLEA operatives and those who fail to end up being dropped and will have to re-apply for the next National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Recruitment exercise which takes place at an interval of one (1) year.

What to Expect During the NDLEA Training Exercise

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency training exercise has been used for several years to test candidates, and prepare them for the responsibilities and challenges they will face as NDLEA officers when they finally get recruited.

At the NDLEA training exercise, candidates will face a lot of rigorous physical and mental training exercises that will equip them with the necessary skills to carry out their duties effectively both in the office environment and outside the office environment.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Training exercise will cover topics such as; Drug abuse prevention, Drug law enforcement, Investigation Techniques, and Self-defense. Also, it is mandatory that all the Shortlisted candidates are trained on how to conduct raids, searches, and arrests, as well as how to handle and dispose of illegal drugs that are harmful to our health.

How to Prepare for the NDLEA Training Exercise

When preparing for the NDLEA training exercise, candidates are advised beforehand to be resilient because it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and patience. Also, a need to start preparing early to focus on improving mental agility, physical fitness, and critical thinking skills is very important.

For Physical fitness, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency training exercise is physically demanding, for this reason, candidates are expected to be in a good physique. Furthermore, to prepare for the training exercise, candidates must be used to engaging in regular exercises such as jogging, weightlifting, and swimming, and the need to get rid of consumption of excessive alcohol is advised. Candidates must make sure they are following a healthy and nutritious meal plan.

General Requirements For NDLEA Recruitment Training 2023

If you seek to know the requirements needed for the NDLEA training exercise for 2023/2024 session, rest assured that you will get the right information and details regarding the subject matter.

Mostly, these requirements are what candidates are expected to carry along to their respective NDLEA training venues and centres, and there are huge consequences for not complying with this directive, which range from losing out on being recruited into the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and facing of delays in the screening and verification process.

The following documents and items must be carried along by the candidates to the NDLEA training venues and centres:

  • Original and photocopies of all the educational certificates from First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC), O’level certificates to tertiary institutions certificates if any.
  • Four copies of a passport-sized photograph shot with no hat or cap.
  • Writing materials like pens, pencils, notebooks, jotters and a file jacket to put all the documents necessary for submission.
  • A pair of black-coloured canvas.
  • A pair of white pillowcases and bedsheets.
  • A pair of navy blue shorts with no write-up, no stripes
  • Two pairs of white socks and another two pairs of black socks.
  • A pair of white round-neck vests with no write-up of any kind.

Additionally, items such as toiletries, buckets, and brooms can be brought from home or bought upon arrival at any shopping landmark close to the training venue and centre.

NDLEA Training Dates

NDLEA has fixed Friday 3rd December to Monday 6th December 2023 as the training dates. For this reason, if you have more enquiries about the NDLEA training date it is advisable to always check the NDLEA portal in case the training dates are changed.

Now, you should always arrive at the training venue on the stipulated training dates on time so that you get to do everything on time.

NDLEA Training Venues and Centres 2023

The NDLEA training exercises take place at all the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Training Venues and Centres across the nation. Most importantly only the NDLEA Shortlisted candidates are expected to report at these training venues and centres they see on the NDLEA portal.

Any further enquires you have concerning the subject matter ‘NDLEA Training dates and venues’ do not hesitate to drop your questions in the comment section.

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