Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2023

Civil Defence guarantor form 2023 is available in PDF format. The civil Defence form 2023 is now accessible via the official website. Check how to download the NSCDC guarantor form via the Civil Defence recruitment portal.

This article is intended to let everyone who registered for the NSCDC recruitment know that they can now download, complete, and bring the Civil Defence recruiting referee form to the screening center.

Candidates should be aware that the form must be completed by two people with credible backgrounds rather than just one, as failure to do so risks ending your screening process for 2023! Moreover, the guarantor form needs to be completed in your handwriting, not theirs.

Keep reading to find out the necessary information on how to fill out the form.

Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2023

In order to be considered for an appointment, an applicant must submit at least two (2) guarantors who are reliable, accountable, and appropriate according to the Civil Defence recruitment process.

Please note that in order to prevent future problems, guarantors should ensure that the person they are signing for is a known individual. You must also complete the NSCDC Guarantor Form in your own handwriting, not someone else’s. 

The NSCDC recruitment process will ask you to present the guarantor form, which must be signed by the people we’ve listed below, as an attestation of good behavior is needed for this activity.

Civil Defence Qualified Guarantors

Shortlisted Candidates to take part in the screening process, all candidates must download, print, and accurately complete this form. The people on the following list are in charge of completing and approving the NSCDC guarantor form.

Other than the people named below, the Police Force will not acknowledge any other individuals. The following is a list of acceptable guarantors

  • Magistrates
  • Secretary to the Government
  • Secretary to the state
  • Local Government Chairman
  • Traditional ruler
  • Head of educational institutions candidates attended(directors, university administrators, deans, and vice chancellors.)
  • PG of your town or community
  • Police Officer, not below the rank of CSP or Military Officer and not below the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Civil Servant not below the rank of Grade Level 12

Note that Filling out the guarantor paperwork on your own could result in disqualification.

Also, a career civil servant cannot serve as your referee if their status is below Grade Level 12. A paramilitary or military officer of equivalent rank or higher is required for fire officers; lower ranks are not permitted.

All applicants who submitted an application for the civil defense recruitment program for 2023 must complete this guarantor form, which is necessary for the screening procedure

The name of an applicant will not appear on the finalized NSCDC list of qualified candidates if he or she does not show up with the guarantor form on the NSCDC screening day.

Learn how to fill out the form and print it below.

How to Download the Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2023 

Strictly follow the guidelines below if you wish to download the civil defence recruitment guarantor form.

Please visit the NSCDC official recruitment website via and enter your registration details in the spaces provided on the site.

Once your profile pops up, click on the “Download Guarantor Form” and the form will be downloaded to your device. Then you can head to a cyber cafe nearest to you to print it out.

It is a requirement for screening that all candidates have a hard copy of the NSCDC guarantor form that has been properly filled out and signed. It would be assumed that you have rejected the offer if the guarantor form is not presented at the NSCDC physical screening center. 

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