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CAC Registration Portal Login 2023 has been activated for Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration of business names. Interested business owners are to note that it is only at the CAC Registration Portal  that business registration is done.

In this article, business owners will get to know more about the CAC registration portal login 2023. It is important to log on to the registration portal to get assistance from the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Starting a new business can be a complex and confusing process, but registering your company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is an important step in ensuring the legality and legitimacy of your business.

What is the CAC Registration Portal Login?

The CAC registration portal is an online platform provided by the Corporate Affairs Commission for companies to register and manage their businesses in Nigeria. The registration portal provides a convenient and efficient way for businesses to apply for their CAC certificates, file annual returns, and make any necessary updates to their company information.

CAC Business Name Registration Requirements

Before any business owner or individual gets to do a CAC business name registration, many things are to be put into consideration, a business owner can register as one person being a sole owner, or with another person making it a business partnership or alliance, all these are put into consideration before the business name registration is done.

These are the requirements needed for business name registration and they include:

  • National Identity Card/Slip of the business owner or partners in cases of business partnerships
  • A clear colored passport photograph is needed for identification of the business owner or to use and distinguish each business partners.
  • Business name registration document is required which is paid for a lesser fee to show the chosen business name of choice
  • Other valid means of identification can be required ranging from Voter’s card, Driver’s license, International passport.

CAC Registration Portal Login Registration 

In order for business owners to use the services of CAC. They are required to firstly register their business on the CAC registration portal The following details are required for the CAC registration and they include:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Preferred username and password
  • Residential address

After filling all these details successfully in the CAC registration portal , Click on the Sign Up button found on the CAC registration portal To successful login in to the CAC Registration Portal Login 2023, you need to use the chosen preferred username and password provided during the CAC registration portal sign up.

What Fees are Required for CAC Certification?

The fees required for CAC certification vary depending on the services you require. Some of the fees you may encounter during the CAC registration portal login process include reservation of name (₦500), registration of business name (₦10,000), filing of notice of change of business name (₦5,000), filing of annual returns (₦1,000) and more.

CAC Login & Registration Process

  • Complete the sign up for an online account via the CAC Registration portal
  • Now, login using the details used for the CAC registration
  • Check for your business name if it is available or taken , if it is available choose and reserve the business name
  • Register your business as a corporation

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