Survival Fund Application Form Registration Portal 2023

Survival Fund Application Form 2023 – This article relates to the application form for the Federal Government Survival Fund 2023 on the login page at Find out more details about the Federal Government survival fund 2023, its requirements, eligibility, categories, and how to apply successfully.

The Federal Government will provide cash through the Survival Fund Scheme for Small and Medium Scale Businesses and Artisans to help them grow their companies and crafts. Reimbursement to grantees has since begun for the year 2023, and the application is now accessible on the application website at

In this post, you’ll learn more about the prerequisites for registering for the federal government’s survival fund, how to register for it, how to check its status, the application page, and the fund categories.

Survival Fund Application Form Registration Portal 2023

Federal Government Survival Fund 2023

The scheme was created by the federal government in an attempt to intervene and support vulnerable micro- and small-business enterprises in touching their payroll obligations and afford protection to jobs within the MSME space as a result of the shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic while creating new jobs for the unemployed.

Online registration is cost-free. We will take you through every step of the online registration procedure and provide you with additional details that will help your application be successful.

The intention of the Survival Fund program is to encourage the post-COVID shutdown of products by providing funding to MSMEs in the production sector in order to boost direct local manufacturing in the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT.

In fact, this program is a part of the Economic Sustainability Plan, which is intended to support and safeguard small businesses from the shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Payroll Support Scheme is intended for MSMEs who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. The program would offer payroll support to up to 10 employees per eligible MSME.

Requirements for Survival Fund Registration

Before you may fully register for the survival fund program, you must fulfill a few prerequisites. Verify everything you require before beginning the online registration process.

  • You must be a citizen of Nigeria.
  • You must have a verifiable BVN ( bank verification number).
  • You must be registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC).
  • It is a necessity that your business is indigenous ( about 50% or more are controlled by indigenous people or communities).
  • You must have 3 GOs and at least 10 active employees on your payroll.

Grants will be issued to self-employed people, especially service providers like bus drivers, taxi drivers, ride-sharing drivers, and artisans like plumbers and electrical contractors. Special attention will be paid to 45% female-owned MSMEs and 5% MSMEs owned by people with special needs.

Will communicate with the State Government designated Relevant Persons who will guarantee the participation of MSMEs in respective areas and states in order to achieve effective collaboration with all the states.

How to Apply for Survival Fund 2023

The following steps should be sufficient to guide you through the required steps you should take for the application. The survival fund application process in 2023 is effortless, and the portal is currently open.

ACTION 1: Log on

You must register with your company or personal details through the official registration portal in order to participate in the Federal Government Survival Fund Program. To finish this, you will require some significant data such as your CAC registration details.

ACTION 2: sign up

After completing your platform registration, finish the onboarding process by selecting the category you wish to apply for and entering your organization’s, personnel, and bank information.

You will be sent an access code on your registered mobile number after registering. To connect your account, you must input the activation code that was emailed to you.

Choose a password you can actually recall, and make sure your contact details are visible.

  • Simply register on the CRM, MIS platform
  • Secure an access code
  • Sign up for your profile

ACTION 3: Receive payment

Immediately after your application gets successfully verified, you will receive payment according to the scheme you applied for.

To sign up for the survival fund program through the survival fund portal, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Go to to access the official Survival Fund Registration Portal.
  • Select “Sign Up”
  • Choose a category you wish to apply for (MSME Payroll Support, MSME Grant, or Guaranteed Offtake Scheme).
  • Tap and hold “Register,” then enter all the required data.
  • Send your application in.

Once your application meets the criteria and gets verified, you will be qualified for payment in accordance with the program type you applied for.

FG Survival Fund Categories and Eligibility

Payroll assistance, guaranteed off-take, and an MSME award all are included in the project. The Guaranteed Offtake Scheme’s inventory management will be made possible through the CRM & MIS Platform.

This scheme is a component of the Economic Sustainability Strategy, which seeks to assist and safeguard these companies from any possible risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program is sub-divided into three categories:

1. MSME payroll support – The MSME Payroll Support Scheme is a lifeline that is intended to provide payroll assistance to maintain domestic industrial production and prevent unemployment.

This scheme targets over 500,000 beneficiaries and will aid their payroll obligations by paying a minimum of N 50,000(max) and N 30,000(min).

Eligibility for program: includes

  • Registered in Nigeria under the CAC ( corporate affairs commission)
  • Businesses must be Nigerian owned
  • Bank verification number of the business owner must be provided.
  • Maximum of 50 and minimum of 3 employees.
  • Must be registered in the MIS platform.

2. MSME grant– Financial assistance for MSMEs and priority industries will give important industries affected by the pandemic access to cheap financing and allow priority industries to expand their manufacturing capabilities.

Over 100,000 MSMEs will each receive a stipend of N50,000. This group of beneficiaries is advised to fully utilize the benefits of registration via trade organizations, cooperatives, and MSME affiliations.

3. Guaranteed offtake scheme — One of the Federal Government’s economic aid programs for small and medium-sized enterprises that have been impacted by the pandemic is the MSME Guaranteed Offtake Program.

How to check survival fund status

There are terms you need to take note of while checking your status or each registered member’s status CAPTURED, CORRECT, VERIFIED.

The expression “CAPTURED” denotes the satisfactory capture and acceptance of the member’s data, which includes their bank name, account name, account number, mobile number, and BVN.

Correct implies the profile matches the data that was gathered (i.e details found in BVN are the same as details found in the Account number)

Verified members are eligible for payment and have accurate member information.

  1. Visit the official website and log into your registered account.
  2. provide the password you created during the application process and your registered phone number.
  3. scroll down to confirm that the employer account information is VERIFIED
  4. Swipe down to discover if the other team members’ financial information has been validated.

Survival Fund program update

As previously mentioned, the survival fund registration program has started and the closing date will be announced soon. registration can be done on its official website, If you are considering applying for the survival fund program in 2023, you must strictly follow the instructions in this article.

All Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria are eligible to sign up for this scheme. Need not hesitate to apply for this Survival fund loan if you require money to grow your brand.

The next payment date for the survival fund will shortly be made public knowledge. We will make sure to keep you informed as soon as we learn when the payment will start.

FAQs oN Survival Fund Application.

 1. Is there a Registration fee to be paid?

It’s crucial to remember that up until the deadline, registration for the FG MSME MIS and CRM platform is free. It is encouraged that you apply before the deadline even if the registration deadline for the survival fund has not yet been made public.

2. How many months will the survival fund last?

The scheme will support their payroll obligations for 3 whole months.

3. Can I apply for a survival fund twice?

You are not meant to apply twice for the survival fund scheme if you do so, you risk the possibility of disqualification if you apply twice to the program.

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