Npower Test Result 2023 | How to Check Your Npower Screening Test Result

Npower test result 2023. The assessment test result for Batch C has been released on the official Npower portal  See more details on Npower test result portal, and how to check your Npower assessment screening test result. Npower screening test can be accessed by all the beneficiaries of Npower programme including Batches A, B, and C.

In this article, you will get to know how to check your Npower screening test results for any Batch of your choice and also confirm the next step to proceed.

Also, if you are a Batch C Npower applicant, be rest assured that you can quickly check your Npower screening test result 2023 as it has been uploaded to the Npower portal. As we go further, you will see the easy steps to check the screening test result.

Npower Screening Test Result 2023

The Npower Batch C candidates are kindly advised to check the Npower portal for their results as it has been uploaded for candidates to check their various results.

However, Batch C candidates who wish to check their Npower screening test results 2023 and are finding it hard to check should not panic if the portal proves to be slow in loading because of highly generated traffic from other candidates who are trying to perform the same task of checking their screening test results.

How to Check Npower Test Result

After taking their Npower screening test, many Npower candidates are always eager to know when the result will be out.

After the Npower screening test result is released for checking, the next question that arises in the minds of Npower candidates is always, “How can I check the Npower screening test result?”.

So here, we will discuss how to check the Npower test results and the steps involved are as follows:

  • Candidates are to visit the Npower screening test portal via
  • Log on to the Npower dashboard using the registered Npower details provided during the registration.
  • After the Npower dashboard opens, look for ‘View Test Result’ button on the page.
  • Click on the ‘View Test Result’, once the page opens the Npower result will be visible for viewing after choosing the Batch.

The above steps on how to check your Npower screening test result are easy and to ensure they are carried out efficiently, it is advisable to use a web browser that supports java where there won’t be any indication of error while trying to view the Npower screening test result 2023.

Also, Npower has it as a duty to always inform candidates about the release of screening test results via the supplied contact information (email address and phone number) during the Npower registration.

After checking the Npower screening test, and the score is above average and meets the Npower required cut-off point for the applied Npower program, there is a high chance the candidate will make it to the Npower Shortlisted Candidates List 2023 when it is released.

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